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The Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee encourages and promotes customer owned banking institutions to meet customer and community needs and expectations.

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We support credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies to achieve service standards Australians can trust - Committee Chairperson

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Sep 2020

Investigations can be a learning tool

Allegations of a breach of a Code of practice can be a useful learning tool even if a formal investigation finds no Code breach. This was the outcome of a Code breach allegation recently investig...

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Jun 2019

Annual compliance health check

With the 2019 Annual Compliance Statement (ACS) program about to roll out, we urge subscribers to the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (the Code) to acquaint themselves with changes to th...

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Recent publications

Jun 2020

Compliance with privacy obligations follow-up inquiry outcomes

Privacy and data security are among the foremost concerns for consumers and, with recent government moves to update and strengthen privacy laws, it is essential that financial institutions manage...

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Dec 2019

Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee Annual Report 2018-19

The Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee (the Committee) is pleased to release its Annual Report 2018-19. A copy of the Report can be downloaded here.

The Annual Report demonstrate...

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