Annual Reports

Our purpose is to promote compliance with the Customer Owned Code of Banking Practice (the Code) to encourage best practice by Australian customer owned banking institution to benefit their customer and communities.

The Code Compliance Committee’s Annual Compliance Report describes our work to achieve this purpose between July 2016 and June 2017. It includes:

  • an overview of our monitoring program, including key outcomes from our Annual Compliance Statement and Own Motion Inquiry
  • details of our investigations into allegations of Code breaches, and
  • industry data and trends in Code compliance.

Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee Annual Compliance Report 2016-17 (PDF; 1,201 KB; 48 pages)

Please contact us to request printed copies.

Previous annual reports

2015-16 / 2014-15 / 2013-2014 / 2012-2013 / 2011-2012 / 2010-1011 / 2009-2010


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