Reports 28 – Review of Mutuals’ Compliance with their Code Training Obligations

Between April and May 2012, the Code Compliance Committee (CCC) conducted an Inquiry into how well Mutuals, who subscribe to the Code, met their obligations under key promises 5 and 10, and part E, Section 2 of the Code, in regards to Code training. With these key promises, Code subscribers agree to adequately train staff, agents and representatives on the requirements of the Code and ensure that they apply this training in their dealings with members.

Please click here to download a full copy of the Inquiry.

The Inquiry was conducted through a data gathering questionnaire which requested information from Mutuals about Code training methods, content, frequency and coverage. The questionnaire also sought information about the controls in place to monitor the completion of Code training, the monitoring of these key controls and the processes which exist should a Code breach be identified.

In conducting the Inquiry, the CCC identified that whilst Code training is embedded in the learning and development programs of most Mutuals, the content of that training, method and frequency and monitoring of that training varies depending on the size of the Mutual.

The effectiveness of Code training can be measured by how well Code obligations are applied by staff in daily operations. The CCC found that the monitoring and supervision frameworks of some Mutuals to ensure that Code obligations are applied by staff in daily operations require enhancement.


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