Report a concern

Before reporting your concern, please find out about the types of issues we can investigate and how you can resolve your concern as quickly as possible.

If you wish to report a concern, please provide information to us by

  • email to [email protected], or
  • mail to Customer Owned Banking Code Compliance Committee, PO Box 14240, Melbourne, Vic 8001.

In particular, please provide information regarding:

  • your contact details
  • if you are lodging the concern on behalf of someone else
  • name of your customer owned bank
  • type of the financial service provided (e.g. home loan, credit card, transaction account)
  • when the events causing your concern occurred
  • when you first became concerned about an alleged Code breach
  • when you first reported your concern to your customer owned bank
  • how you raised your concern with your customer owned bank
  • short description of your concern
  • why you are not satisfied with the response (if any) received from your customer owned bank
  • what do you think is a fair and reasonable resolution to the matter
  • supporting documentation (e.g. copies of correspondence, account statements, loan or policy documents)


We might contact you to request further information. If you do not wish to provide some of the information we request but would still like to report a concern, please email us or call 1800 931 678 and ask to speak with AFCA Code Team.

See our Privacy Policy to find out how we use your details.

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